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VEON / VimpelCom

Nationwide electronics retail chain: smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets, as well as accessories for them. Part of PJSC VimpelCom is the third-largest wireless and second-largest telecom operator in Russia, part of VEON (NASD:VEON). Annual revenue from electronics sales in 2019 was about $500MM

Project highlights


During 2018, the number of sales points doubled (from 1’500 to more than 3’000), and facing a lack of transparency and efficiency supply chain issues BEELINE decided to launch a project to solve inventory control performance issues


Deloitte, as a PMO, and INVENTORSOFT, as a technological partner, within nine months (the standard implementation period of such solutions is between 1 and 2 years), implemented the INVENTOR SYSTEM: a full-cycle solution for planning and distributing electronic products across the retail network


  1. The total project implementation period was 9 months, including work to support the solution in commercial operation

  2. The system was in service two months ahead of schedule

  3. Implemented a scalable layered system for automated inventory management

  4. The comprehensive replenishment business process has been completely reorganized

  5. Additional blocks have been developed and implemented to provide specific functionality following the project objectives and customer requirements

  • Sales up by 15%

  • Gross profit raised by 15%

  • Service level raised by 12%

  • Inventory level decreased by 15%

  • Working capital dercreased by 60%

Electronic Store
“The project has become the driving force behind the development of the company’s rapidly growing retail business. Successful implementation of the project had a direct impact on the financial results”

Andrey Larkin

VimpelCom, Executive VP and CFO

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