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Automotive aftermarket parts distributor: distribution center and 35 branches. The product mix is more than 200,000 SKU, more than 2,000 suppliers, lead time from 1 day to 3 months

Project highlights


PARTKOM planned to reduce stock and non-convertible stock at central and branch warehouses, increase service level (availability), automate the assortment matrix management and automate the best supplier and supply chain selection


  • Tier automated inventory management system for sales points and branches

  • Employee motivation system based on key performance indicators (KPI)

  • Retro bonus management system for direct contract


The company’s network expansion from 3 to 16 branches in a year and a half was achieved without an increase in the staff of the procurement and distribution department. The procurement and replenishment processes of the branch network are fully centralized and automated:

  • Sales up by 15%

  • Gross profit raised by 15%

  • Product mix increased from 80 to 200 thousand SKU

  • Service level raised by 12%

  • Inventory level decreased by by 20-40% depending on the brands

  • Working capital dercreased by 60%

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