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INVENTOR OPTIMIZER built for finding the most profitable inventory control strategy daily: having a demand forecast and all variable cost components, the system finds the most profitable re-order points and re-order quantities for each item in every sales point and warehouse

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INVENTOR OPTIMIZER solves the optimization problem by determining control parameters for each stock-keeping unit to maximize the company's profit. The key element of the solution is a sound financial model that includes all the variable cost components associated with inventory management


Built-in automatic classifying assortment algorithms items provide you with automation levels for each item: active items, cross-docking items, lack of transactions information. The system will also provide you with a hard basis for making decisions on unprofitable items


INVENTOR OPTIMIZER analyzes variable holding costs, replenishment, and out-of-stock losses. It determines the optimal combination of point in time (ROP, or re-order point) and order size (ROQ, or re-order quantity) to minimize the total variable costs for each assortment item. Thus the system provides the most profitable inventory control strategy for each item in every sales point and warehouse.


Considering constraints allows INVENTOR OPTIMIZER to effectively adapt optimal inventory management strategy to the real circumstances of doing business to maximize profit. The system works with the capacity and throughput of warehouses, available working capital forecast, and many other constantly changing factors and any combination of them to provide you with the best solution available

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