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Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves


We support a wide range of industries with software that has a profit objective at the very core

One of the standout features of our solution is its comprehensive financial modeling capabilities, providing a holistic view of the activity and supply chain for every product item, storage facility, or point of sale. With Inventorsoft, each member of your team gains the tools to optimize their area of expertise, resolve internal conflicts, and make informed decisions, all guided by a universal metric: maximizing profitability

Inventorsoft replenishment and stock optimization software is used in these industries:

Full replenishment  automation, including supplier selection, SKU and PoS level demand forecast, dynamic pricing and more


Automated supplier, delivery type and carrier selection, optimal stock redistribution,  and more


Inventory optimization including slow moving items, parts and instruments, purchase order automation and more


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Why replenishment and stock optimization?

Having products on shelves allows you to earn customers' trust, increase loyalty, and ultimately increase sales

Why Inventorsoft replenishment and stock optimization software?

Complete financial model for each item along the supply chain let us find optimal re-order points and re-order quantities in terms of maximum profit

Maximizing profit

We use actual (historic) transaction data to build sharp demand and lead time probabilistic models

Actual probability

The best replenishment strategy for each SKU in every network facility on a daily basis.

No more ABC-XYZ communism!

SKU level solution

Inventorsoft contribution to the industry:


First profit-targeted enterprise-scale inventory optimization solution

INVENTOR SYSTEM is first an enterprise-scale inventory optimization solution on the marketplace with a clear objective: profit. INVENTOR FORECASTER uses actual transaction data and real probability distributions to predict future demand and lead time. INVENTOR OPTIMIZER solves optimization problems for each SKU in every facility individually. INVENTOR SUPPLY deals with all known financial and physical constraints to provide the best for-profit replenishment strategy for each SKU and every facility.


Millions non-biased decisions daily: full replenishment automation

INVENTOR SYSTEM makes 99% of the decisions needed every day, placing orders with suppliers, buying goods from the market at the best prices automatically, moving goods from distribution warehouses to points of sale, and choosing the best logistics providers for the purpose daily. So, let your team focus on improving customer experience and negotiating better terms with suppliers. And they will still be responsible for resolving 1% of situations that need attention.


Powerful tool for businesses of any size to compete even with "blue chips"

INVENTOR SYSTEM will strengthen your business regardless of its size. Have you recently implemented a fancy ERP or WMS system? - for sure, our forecasting module will be able to increase efficiency, and the optimization module will make decision-making transparent with the only suitable metric for all: profit. Do you still make daily orders in EXCELL? - with INVENTOR SUPPLY, you will have more time for your family soon, daily!

Sales growth

Working capital decrease

Product mix growth

Service level raise

Inventory level decrease

Replenishment frequency decrease

Averaged Inventorsoft deliverables:

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